Game terrain?

I’m moving things about and starting a new idea. Here is where I have most of my game terrain and scenery making pages.

Site Adjustments

Yes. I need to get some links, pictures and stuff up. Here’s one

Dec 2021

Forgot how hard it can be to sit and type. I thought since I’ve started this I should continue for a bit. I would imagine that few reading this know me anymore. A decade in internet terms is along time. I use to do videos on Youtube. Updated a couple websites, got my new emails… Continue reading Dec 2021

Hi Everybody

Well, it has been awhile. Messed up my neck and back and had to leave work behind. Its been a couple years since I’ve been able to sit at the computer never mind work at it. Lost my MD but have a pain doc in a city a couple hours away who gives me shots… Continue reading Hi Everybody