Forgot how hard it can be to sit and type. I thought since I’ve started this I should continue for a bit. I would imagine that few reading this know me anymore. A decade in internet terms is along time. I use to do videos on Youtube.

Updated a couple websites, got my new emails working and played on Twitter for a bit. I’m done. Having to switch internet companies, hosting and domains and not working at it for 10 years comes with a cost. A big jump in the learning curve. I don’t remember this being hard to do. WTF. Apparently, getting going again might be slower than I want it to be.

I have been putting my energy into a new venture for awhile now; pre-covid length of time. Pre-osteoporosis, and the like too. When it gets close enough finished to show I will let you know here first.

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  1. Sir… i remember watching your videos as a teenager growing up! you were always an inspiration! i hope one day to see new videos from you. thank you for what you have already made and i wish the best of luck to you!

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