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The Kamloopian is 100% Canadian owned and a dozen years old:

Our Motto: Forward Ho! Trudge, trudge, trudge, ....

Staff Community

  • city
    Steve Delaney - Admin., Finance., W.B.I.A.,
    Membership Coordinator for the WCDS,
  • computer
    Steve Delaney - Website work, Photography, Video
    Editorials, Sales -Contact
    Webmaster for
  • Environment
    Steve Delaney - Environmental Issues, Secret Shopper, Maintenance, -Contact
  • Environment
    Steve Delaney -, -Contact
  • Back Office:
    Accounts Payable - Steve Delaney
    Collections - Steve Delaney
    Data Entry - Steve Delaney
  • Art Room:
    Production - Steve Delaney
    Design - Steve Delaney
    Grunt work - Steve D.

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